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srpsko lekarsko drustvo

5th Congress of Balneology

Special hospital for rehabilitation “Merkur“,
Vrnjačka Banja,
Main Hall 28-29. may 2007

5 kongres balneoklimatologa

Bearing in mind the importance of the balneoclimatology factor, with respect to its cure and rehabilitation qualities , the I Congress on Balneoclimatology was organized by the doctors of this region in 1921. The conclusions of the congress send a clear message. Beneficial effects of waters especially those with healing effects were used in treatment during the whole history of mankind. Seriousness of this meeting contributed to the realization of the XIV European Congress on Hydrogeology, Climatology and Medical Geology organized by The School of Medicine in Belgrade on September 29, 1936. One of the conclusions of the Congress stressed the fact that lack of water resources will keep being urgent problem leading even to fight for survival in future.

The congress related to this branch of medicine was one of the first ever held. Why? The majority of doctors respected the natural factor. One of the results was not only that Balneoclimactology was included in the curriculum of the newly founded medical studies at the Belgrade University, but it was represented on equal basis comparing to the most voluminous subjects as considered nowadays.

After a long not justified pause, we organize the congress devoted to doctors who are professionally and scientifically oriented towards the use of balneal and climatology factors for the benefit of human health.

In the country where richness of natural balneal and climatology factors surpass its surface and ranks among the richest in the world, it is normal that many doctors as well as other medical staff are engaged in health institutions in spas and natural resorts. In a country such is Serbia about 1000 doctors, employed in corresponding facilities took active participation in the organization of the fourth and fifth congress respectively.

The venue of this congress in the queen of spas- spa Vrnjci, is chosen not only to bring friends together but to show the natural potentials of Serbia in a competent and professional manner, to present the world wide audience our natural advantages and make them functional in a very short period thus helping realization of the basic desire of human being to preserve full health. Both our readiness and orientation towards the health programs including the updated ones; it does not mean that we intend to neglect ill population demanding rehabilitation treatment. Bearing in mind this, this congress is planned as a unique activity of all who are devoted to use the benefit of natural factors and who up to now have performed their activity separately. Mutual activity of professionals and scientists in the organization not only of this meeting referring to medicine but to hydrogeology, geochemistry as well is highly recommended.

Finally, and the most important, dear colleagues, I invite all people not only from Serbia but from the whole world who share the same ideas to come to a friendly meeting.

To determine the place and role of the natural balneal and climatology factors in preservation of human health, to cure the ill thus fulfilling their wish to become healthy is our strong motivation and dedication in the contemporary society. I believe that balneoclimactology factors presented in any paper written in a mother tongue will be understood easily by all participants.

That is why respected colleagues ,we ask you kindly to come to spa Vrnjci , famous even in the Roman times, bring your papers, participate in discussions, make new friends , do your best to make understood the adequate use of enormous but constantly neglected balneal and climatology factors, contribute towards its valid incorporation in the modern medical curricula , all for the benefit for longer and healthier quality of human life.


Professor Tomislav Jovanovic, MD., Ph.D
President of Congress Comittee

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